Nailed to the Wall…

20 09 2007

     Well in the last week the Lord has really been nailing me to the wall about this whole being a pitcher vs. being a fountain. I see a picture in my mind of a pitcher when I begin doing and stop being. God asks me, “Which do I want”? I always remark I want to be the fountain. I didn’t realize the last two entries were all about the same thing. First it was the picture, second the lesson.

     This being isn’t easy at all. In the past, being was like a rich piece of chocolate that I would steal a bite from and feel that I didn’t deserve. Now I am realizing that I can have the whole piece and that in fact it has been sitting there just for me! Does it have anything to do with my self-worth, probably but do I care right now to get all technical… no I don’t. Rather I am realizing it is why people like the idea of “being a pitcher” for it is all about doing something.

     I am getting ready to open I Corinthians 12 and the fruits of the Spirit. I know that the Lord is drawing me closer to himself and into the whole being thing. All these fruits are about being… they aren’t doing. I will be looking at them next month, I hope you will join me.

     This is such a change of perspective that is going to change my whole life. I see now that when I am doing I am used up because I need more to be poured into me. When I am “being me” I can rest knowing God’s presence is always “coming out of me” for he is “in me”! There is not refilling required. It is amazing this being! What freedom I have to relax.

     I love the song, “To God be the glory great things he has done… I am so excited about this whole being instead of doing. I have been an expert do-er, I don’t know if I will ever be an expect be-er. I know someone who has an long history of being… Jesus and I can learn from him.

I pray that every Christian would learn this and rest in the being and retire from the doing!

Blessings in being!





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