On My Bookshelf…

27 09 2007

My bookshelf


I laugh today as I do my quiet time (where I spend time with the Lord), I looked on my book shelf (the picture) and saw the five branches of Complete Joy, empower, equip, restore, release, and mentor which I labeled each of the shelves to remind myself of the branches of this new ministry and my life. I laugh because of the things on the shelves above the words.

     Above the word empower are four books, one on prayer, one on rest, one on personal growth and the last on memory. As I looked at the other shelves I saw that the things above them each spoke to that topic. I looked again at how does God empower the His people, empowerment begins with relationship; getting plugged into the power source prayer a driving force in a relationship with the Lord to my amazement the first book! Empowerment continues as we rest in the Lord, being recharged the second book. So often Christian stop here and don’t understand that only as we grow in the Christ can be continue to have his empowerment, the third book. Finally remembering the truths that He has grounded in us allow us to continue to run the good race, the final book.  

     Wow, what an amazing thing, it was all by chance… ya right. God knew what he was doing when he drew me to first arrange the shelves, then days later to put the labels on each of the shelves. I am not that bright to have arranged things in such an amazing way. I looked farther and what did I see?  

     The next shelf, equip I see books on the bible and how to study it better. The bible if we allow it will equip us with all that we need in life. We need to look deeper into the bible to equip us rather then running to and fro to man. It is great to reach a chapter a day, to connect with our God in this way, but if we don’t allow him to equip us we go into our lives without the depth of his love, protection and understanding equipping us for everything situation we will encounter as we walk throughout our lives.  

     This is where I usually end… taking just a quick look at a subject to get you thinking but I think if you will go with me… I will look at the whole bookshelf! 

     I was amazed as I found my church birdhouse sitting above the word restore. I think the church is to be a vehicle for the Lord to restore his people. Many churches see the call of being a hospital but few walk into the destiny and the restoration the Lord has for them. There are several books on revival next to the church, reminding me, revival needs to happen in the church not outside of it. It is through the church that revival is to be happen. God is knocking on the door of the church, will they allow him to come in and restore his bride. Not into what was is the past, but the church of this current age!

     The next shelf is labeled release, this one is curious, above are no books, rather it is here that I see a statue of the hand of God around his child and then a cup with a flower coming out of it. I am reminded God wants us to be released from every bondage, every hurt and trauma so that his spirit in us can be released to its fullest. It is God not man who brings the release of his spirit. Oh how I desire to see His power released in the children of the risen God. It doesn’t matter how big or small I am nor does it matter the trauma I have experienced, God wants to release his spirit into the world through you and I.

     Finally at the top of the bookshelf sits the word mentor. Above this word I see the bookend, it has been knocked over but the years of use have brought it to be something I just couldn’t part with even through it is chipped. That is how many people who are the greatest mentors are, they show the wear and tear of life but they have such a wealth of the presence of God that we don’t care what the package looks like. That bookend holds books by Florence Littauer someone who has so deeply influenced my life. Her book “Lives on the Mend” sits next to the bookend, reminding me that a mentor helps people whose lives are on the mend. Those I mentor are not perfect people but people that God himself is perfecting in his image. I rejoice in this truth.  

Let’s pray… God I thank you for teaching me with everything in my life, even the way I have arranged the books on the shelf before me.  I give you all the right and privilege of controlling my process, of how it looks and what it is constructed of. As I walk I rejoice that you will teach me as I take the time to look around. Let your hand guide me this and every other day of my life. Please empower, equip, restore, release and mentor me into the child of God you created me to be!  

In Christ,Mikki




2 responses

20 12 2007

I would like to see a continuation of the topic

22 12 2007

Maximus ~ Funny you should suggest this, I am praying for direction for the blog now that that we have finished the Fruits of the Spirit.


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