Grave Clothes of Doing

11 10 2007

Today I continue my walk from doing to being. I was in my quiet time, and in the middle of it I am realizing that I need to be more organized. God is talking to me about getting things done. I use to have so many to do lists so that I would get everything accomplished. I haven’t thought about any to do lists for several months. I prayed about it and asked what to do. So I began doing what I always did, making the excel To Do list! Then I turned back to scripture and I thought a “to do list”? How is this being rather then doing?  

The life application bible commenting Gal 5:22 said; “The fruit of the Spirit is spontaneous work of the Holy Spirit in us. The Spirit produces these character traits that are found in the nature of Christ. They are the by-products of Christ’s control – we can’t obtain them by trying to get them without his help.”  

I know that without Christ’s help I will be doing and doing for the rest of my life. Being isn’t possible for me without Christ. How do I make plans and yet be spontaneous at the Spirit’s direction? I can do it for a moment. When I am in a time of ministry I can let the spirit flow and oh how lives are changed. How does this work in my everyday life especially when I really need to make plans and get things accomplished? I see the church wrestling with this on a regular basis. I want to be, I am determined to figure this out. I want it so bad that I will sit here until being is where I am!  

God in Heaven, my heart is to be open to your spontaneous move at any given moment. I give you my grave clothes of doing. Let me be now and always in your presence walk with you and seeing your touch your creation. 

In Christ,





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