Christ driven Self-control

15 12 2007


PR 25:28 Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.

This is our topic for today ~ self-control.

It is the last in the series of nine fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5. I often think it is the last because it is the most allusive of all of the fruits. It takes years of experience in all sorts of situations before we can truly have the fruit of self-control. It takes years of partnering with the Spirit. This scripture from Proverbs is so simple and yet so profound because who we are crumbles when we lack self-control. Self-control comes in many forms, from the natural to the spiritual.

The lack of self-control in the natural is easy to spot — just look at overspending, hording and the like. They are outward manifestations of a lack of self-control we can point to. To find an example of self-control we think of Christ when he spoke to the woman found in adultery. He is not here to condemn but rather to save the world. I can overlook such actions as the woman’s because often it is not my place to judge while I need to take care of my own lack of self-control.

Self-control is always to be self focused. We need to take those eyes of judgment and look at ourselves, remembering they are the eyes of Christ. We need to allow the Spirit to change us. We need to be in control of our own selves.

Lord, be with us this day and help us to take those eyes of judgment off of others and allow the Holy Spirit to refocus our eyes, first upon you, and then as you focus upon us, we can have the self-control that will allow true change to take place in our lives! In Jesus name, Amen

In Christ,






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