Secrets from my Prayer Closet

22 12 2007


           As I come to this day I see myself with new focus. I have a new prayer assignment and I am excited to more fully understand it. Why is it that when we have a new prayer assignment we often don’t understand the first thing about it?

            In the past years I have had two major prayer assignments. Both were churches, no surprise there, because I was the prayer pastor for both of those churches. Now I find myself drifting because I no longer have a prayer assignment.

            When my children were young, they were my intense prayer focus, as was my husband. It is not that I don’t prayer for them anymore, but as my children have grown they have become mature and are able to pray for themselves and their children. I rejoice in their maturity. As they matured, I felt lost for a time, drifting with no focus for my prayer life. I had a driving prayer focus no matter where I was. It has been that way for the last thirty years. My oldest daughter is now 30.

            As she got into her 20’s, I found myself praying less and less for her, not because I didn’t want to pray, but because God shifted my prayer focus, and so my prayers turned from her to other areas of God’s creation. I began working with hurting people as my children matured, spending hours on the phone doing ministry. My heart was so touched by the journey these people were making with the Lord that I prayed for them often. Then about ten years, ago my prayer focus turned to the church body as a whole, God turned my focus as I became a pastor. I went to school, and like most women, I figured I would work in women’s ministry, but was not the case.

            My eyes were always set in prayer, and during my internship, the wisdom of the pastor with whom I interned pointed me to becoming a prayer pastor. I got my degree in Pastoral Ministries with a pastoral emphasis, and this lead to my last two prayer focuses the churches I served.

            In July my relationship ended with the second church and entered into private ministry again. I wandered with no real prayer focus but myself. When all you have to pray about is yourself, it can get really boring! Turning your eyes and heart to focus on someone else takes your eyes off of you and on to God and what He longs to have come to pass in that other person. When I pray on other’s behalf, I walk in expectant anticipation for the great things God will accomplish in them. I become their biggest fan, not a stocker, but rather I become a cheerleader on the team God is putting together for them!

            So I am off once again on a journey with the Lord to learn how to pray most effectively for this new person not a church and the ministry the Lord is doing through this one individual that will affect my city! I am excited once again to grab my pompoms and begin the cheer ~ Yeah God!






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22 12 2007
C.L. Mareydt

prayer is our spiritual pavement …

2 03 2008

Hi and God bless you and your loved ones. Please pray for me and my 2 boys(christie Alex and Zach ) and for our busines) to prosper so we can pay all of our bills. Emergency prayer for my ex of 5 years Misael for his salvation and his worldly addicitons to partying and woman. I beg you pray for the enemy to let go of him so he can live for God,he was raised christian and has parted. We love him very much and he was great with my two boys and he is like different people at different times,I promise to write a praise report soon,
Thanks so much

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