Empowerment of Christ

25 12 2007



Today is December 25, 2007, Christmas Day. The day our savior was born in a manager, to free us from our sins.

My question to you is this; do you allow God’s gift to empower you?

            Christ came to free you and me from the wages of sin, not to put upon us more and more law. When we allow influences of the world to trick us into believing Christ brings more law not freedom we stripe the empowerment of Christ out of our lives.

            We shouldn’t look for feeling but freedom, stepping away from power to empowerment. I have struggled in the last 24 hours with allowing freedom not feelings to empower me. Things have not gone as I hoped, my husband announcing last night, I am not going out to Christmas Dinner with the family, because of his dietary concerns. If I function on feelings my Christmas would be lost. I did spend about an hour last night wrestling with my feelings and then allowed God’s empowerment, Christ to change my perspective. I walked into freedom and instead of Christmas at a restaurant, I am working hard this morning to provide the family meal here at home. I remember that scripture count it all joy! How can I do that in this situation, only through the freedom of Christ, that’s empowerment!

Christmas Blessings,





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