Legalism verse God’s Detail

29 01 2008


 This morning as I sit at my desk, God has been talking to me about this fountain. If you have been walking this journey with me, you might remember me talking about a fountain. It was all about being verses doing. God wants us to be. We have to also realize that God has designed each of us differently. Some are created to be a free flowing fountain, like a river which, when God speaks, moves its bank. Other fountains are created to move within a specific channel, never to move to the left or to the right, but all the same, moving just as God created them to move.

Recently, as I prepared to give a workshop on spiritually cleaning your home, Judy from the Aglow board, who was hosting the workshop, told me that some of the board members looking at the prayer guide for the cleansing prayer voiced concern that the material was too legalistic. It grieved my spirit that people would look upon these prayers as a check list of dos and don’ts. I was really sad until the next morning in my quiet time with the Lord. As I went to the Lord, I told him how I wasn’t trying to be legalistic; rather, I was following His direction. I put these prayers together as He showed me pictures of areas of hindrance in the homes of His children. It was never about being legalistic; rather, it was a road map to begin finding the truth that would set the house free.

As I stood on this truth, God taught me a wonderful lesson. He said; “Look at the centipede and his 100 legs. That isn’t legalistic, that’s my attention to detail.” It was then that I realized God is all about extravagant, extraordinary detail. His attention to detail takes our breath away. The devil wants to destroy our awe by labeling it legalism. When we look at the detail in Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, we often see legalism rather than realizing this detail has a greater purpose. We just don’t take the time to flush it out. It takes so much time to look at those 100 legs of the centipede because many of those legs are the same or similar, so we lose focus rather than allow God to loose the awe  that comes when we recognize God’s provision.

God then gave me a prayer to break legalism and choose to embrace the beauty of God’s infinite detail. As I read this prayer and allowed it to break my legalism, I found an amazing thing happening. As my legalism was breaking, I experienced an amazing freedom and new perceptions about myself and life around me.

I have always appreciated all kinds of people, realizing that they all have a purpose. I guess it took this experience to finally let go of always trying to measure up to a legalistic standard that others apply to me. Yet when I looked into the face of God through this prayer, He seemed to be saying another thing all together. I need to accept I am a free flowing fountain that occasionally spills over and makes a mess, like the fountain in my office. Every time I turn it on, it sputters and spills over; it doesn’t matter if it has right amount of water or not enough. I have tried to make sure it doesn’t sputter, but the more I try by making the water level just right, the more frustrated I become. I have now taken a new approach. I putt the fountain on the top of my desk where I can clean up the sputtering, and I know that I will have to get a plastic mat if I want to protect the desk for the duration of both the fountain and the desk’s life!

If you would like to see more on the difference between legalism, God’s attention to detail, and the prayer God gave me to break this legalism, visit and click on Spiritual House Cleaning. I have posted the prayer on that page for you.

Blessings and joy!





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