From the Tree (In the Meadow part 2)

19 02 2008


     As I sat in the dead tree, this tree of the past, I could see the blue sky above me and a river below me. As I watched the river, it turned to blood. I didn’t understand why and then I realized that it carried all the hurts of my life. I called out to my father in heaven. He sent down rivers of living water, and suddenly the waters changed so I could get out of the tree.

    After I climbed down the tree, I could see a beautiful living tree with a very large canopy in the distance. I wanted so much to go over to it, but the Lord told me I couldn’t, that was the future.

    I walked over to a spot in the meadow where there was nothing but possibility. God told me this was where we were going to plant a tree, the tree of the present. It was so scary standing there. I wanted so much to run over to the great big tree of the future. It just hurt so much to stand there.

Then I saw the seed planted and beginning to grow. I just couldn’t stand there anymore because it hurt so much, and I was so afraid I would mess up again. So I ran back to the dead tree and the river which turned once again to blood as I looked at it. When I called out to God a second time, His river of living water washed away the blood. I just stayed in that dead tree with the wonderful living water flowing beneath it. God was so wonderful.

That was yesterday… Today I still see myself sitting in the tree. I also see that I need to go down into the River of living water and be refreshed, to taste and see that the Lord is good, to know His goodness is for me today, where I am, to allow myself to rest realizing resting is where I need to be today.

     As I say these things, I remember it takes time for a seed to germinate and grow. Lots of time and effort which is unseen goes on in the ground before anything is seen above in the light of day. That is where I am, and it is where I am okay to stay!

     Please join me next time for part 3 of In the Meadow called “Under the Blood”.

Resting and waiting,





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