Under the Blood (Part 3)

23 02 2008

dry-river.jpg This is the third chapter in a healing vision which began with God speaking to me. If you would like to read from the beginning, go back to “In the Meadow.” This vision has brought deep and profound insight and healing to me.

Part 3 – Under the Blood

Last night I realized the past had to be under the blood of Christ; if I didn’t put it there, then no one else would. As I realized this, God destroyed the tree, and it was gone for good. All that was left was the river flowing past where the tree once stood. As I looked at the river, once again it turned to blood. Instead of crying out to the Lord for his river of healing waters to flow, I asked the Lord why every time I looked at it, it turned blood red.

He showed me the bottom of the river. In the bottom I could see wounds, my wounds which were not healing because the water was irritating them. It was then I realized this river was made up of my grief; grief was irritating the wounds of the past. I realized that my grief also needed to go under the blood of Christ. As I put my grief under the blood of Christ, I saw the river dry up. It was amazing as I saw wounded ground finally begin to heal.

As I focused once again on where the Lord had planted the new seed for the new tree, for the first time I could rejoice. I was excited about this new birth. I then looked back to see a meadow with tiny flowers among the grass where the dead tree and the river was. I could still see the outline of where the river had been, and even now there is a warning not to go over and disturb the ground, for it is still tender and healing. I look and marvel at the Lord’s love for me.

Please join me for the next installment of “In the Meadow” titled “River of the Lord’s Presence.”

Blessings & Great Joy!


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