Let the River Flow – Part 5

2 03 2008


This is the fifth chapter in a healing vision which began as God begin speaking to me. If you would like to read from the beginning go back to “In the Meadow” and begin there. This vision has brought deep and profound insight and healing to me.


Part 5 – Let the River Flow

Today once again, I sit on the ground contently watching the seed. There isn’t even so much as a leaf working to break the surface of the ground, but I still remember the beauty of the tree it will become, knowing that because of you, Lord, it will be grander than the future I beheld.

As I sat before the Lord watching for the growth of the seed, I suddenly felt the need to worship. It was only days before that fear had gripped me, but now faith is firmly planted, faith to sit on the ground waiting for the Lord’s hand to move. I stood up to worship, and as I did, the Lord said it wasn’t necessary… I guess He knew my heart, but I stood anyway because I knew it was necessary for me!

I worshipped for a while, then heard the river and realized that as I worshipped, the river of the Lord’s presence became wider and deeper, spilling over its banks, creating a new channel for this brilliant waters to flow. It was as if my worship affected this river. This puzzled me, so I asked the Lord what was going on with the river, and this is what he said.

“Worship increases my presences in your life – for through it you come closer to me!”

The change in the river shouldn’t have surprised me because things changed so fast, yet I was amazed and without knowing it I gave this response… “Glory be to the Father and to Jesus His Risen Son!” May the Holy Spirit widen and deepen God’s presence in us all.  

I sit here at my computer typing this entry and find myself still in amazement at this revelation, In the Meadow! Please join me for the next installment of:  “In the Meadow” called “An Encounter with my Risen Lord”.

Blessings & God’s Presence!


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