An Encounter with my Risen Lord – Part 6

4 03 2008
 This is the sixth chapter in a healing vision which God has been giving to me. If you would like to read from the beginning, go back to “In the Meadow” and start there. This vision has brought deep and profound insight and healing to me.

Part 6 – An encounter with my Risen Lord

This morning I find myself once again in the meadow. I am praising God, and as I do, I walk over to the river of the Lord’s presence and put my feet in! There is such joy in me. The fear is gone, and for the first time it doesn’t matter what happens in ministry or in life. I am content to sit by the seed the Lord planted and wait and watch it grow!


I just want to be now and always with the Lord, my risen savior, Jesus. As I am sitting with my feet in the river, a man walks up to me. Somehow I know it is Jesus, my savior, and he sits down beside me. He says, “I have been waiting a long time for you to meet me here by the River of my Father’s presence.” I am overcome with tears sitting here next to my beloved savior who cared so much to die for me that I might live forever with Him. I am speechless. I sit crying beside him, so overcome with the love I feel from Him. He sits quietly, allowing my emotions to subside. What a blessed thing He has done, just allowing me to feel and come back into balance. So often we try to make it better for those we love when in reality we must, as Jesus did, trust them to come back into balance. He expects me to come back into balance, and so I can do it.


            When I first came into the meadow, that wasn’t possible. I was so hurt and so broken in a very real sense. So much has happened: first hurt was cured and cured again, leading to strength; then fear gave way to faith. Now rest and balance have come where once only turmoil used to reside. In this meadow the cares of my world are so far from me. I see things through the eyes of God here in this meadow. I know my heart will always be in this meadow with God, a safe and secure place where I can run and jump into the presence of God.


            Suddenly I realized my mind was wandering and where is Jesus? I found myself back in the meadow right beside Jesus who wass now holding my hand. He said, “These hands belong to the Lord and are not to toil as they once did. You will find I am with you when you use your hands at my direction.” I was taken back to those times I didn’t use my hands at the Lord’s direction and asked the Lord to help me see his direction and to follow only Him. I don’t want to do things anymore in my own strength. Nothing seems to be accomplished when I do it that way. I can see in my imagination how I messed up the Lord’s work when I used my hands of my own accord, such as  planting where God had already planted, which disturbed His tender plantings. I asked him to bring this picture to my mind as a warning so I don’t use my hands to disturb His work or do something I am not supposed to do.

    I saw Jesus give me a kiss on the forehead and get up, walking into the distance. I go back to sitting beside the tree God planted and began to pray….

To read more of this vision “In the Meadow,” check the next installment “Stem of the Tree.”

Blessing and eternal balance,


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