Part 8 – Never the Same Perspective

11 03 2008

  This is the eighth chapter in a healing vision which began as God spoke to me. If you would like to read more, go back to “In the Meadow” and begin there. This vision has brought deep and profound insight and healing to me.

Part 8 – Never the Same Perspective


Several days ago, after the stem of the tree appeared, God came and began talking to me about the stem of the tree of the future. He asked me what I saw. I told him, “a stem.” He then told me to look closer, from every side. I got down on my knees so I could inspect the stem of this tree closer. From every side it looked different. I didn’t understand then what the impact this lesson would have on my life.

In the following two days, two separate situations arose that changed how I deal with life.

The first situation happened in my own life as I interacted with my husband. He was having problems getting his new pin number for his debit card. I had one set of information from a teller, and he had another set of information he got after researching off the Internet and calling the customer service. I saw the picture of the tree stem and how my perspective of things was okay to have even if it was different than my husband. We both had good information from different people giving us their best information, like the tiny leaves.

The second situation involved my good friend, Diane and her daughter. Her perspective and her daughter’s perspective about an issue were different, but for the first time, I could relax as I supported her and helped her deal with her feelings about the situation. Often when we interact with people, there are many perspectives to the same problem.

What did I really see in the vision as I looked at the tree stem? Up close, I saw that this stem, rather than being just a stem, was made up of several miniature, perfectly formed leaves. No matter how I looked it, it always looked different. I could look from the same direction, but if I looked at it from a different angle, again it looked different. Unless I looked from the same place and angle, the tiny stem looked amazingly different. As I continued to look at the stem, God asked me this: “does it look like the same tiny tree which came through the surface?” I said, “yes, but as I look at it, it is so much more.” God said, “That’s perspective!” I finally understood why people can look at the same situation or thing and come away with so many different opinions and ways to fix the problems before them, it all has to do with their perspective!  Somehow this lesson taught me to relax and enjoy other’s perspectives and not feel the need to have only one right answer! God, you are so great, Thanks!!!

To read more of this vision, “In the Meadow,” check the next installment, “Don’t Flush the Tree.”

Blessing and eternal balance,


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