Part 9 – Don’t Flush the Tree

15 03 2008

 This is the ninth chapter in a healing vision which began with God speaking to me. If you would like to read all of it, go back to “In the Meadow” and begin there. This vision has brought deep and profound insight and healing to me.

Part 9 – Don’t Flush the Tree


As I awoke this morning, I found myself with the Lord in the meadow. This wasn’t a strange occurrence, but what I saw in the meadow was. I saw the little tree of the future and then saw the strangest thing on the other side of the river in the meadow ~ a toilet. God told me, my emotions were causing little trees to be flushed down the toilet. (Don’t ask me why… but as you read, you will understand the lesson God was teaching me.)

I asked the Lord why this was going on. He said that in my life, little trees have been rooted up and flushed down the toilet, and I needed to understand what was really going on. As God talked to me, I began to understand that when things are flushed down the toilet, they never return. They are gone forever. I have never understood that. I never got that. I just never could let go, but somehow this picture of the toilet and how things are permanently flushed away made sense.

Then God showed me a picture of how I have worked to not be flushed down the toilet by people when they couldn’t deal with a situation. This happened because I didn’t let go and get out of the way of their feelings. I just didn’t understand that if I let go, I wouldn’t be lost. I also saw that there are times when people try to flush things down and then are frustrated because what they wanted to get rid of wasn’t the real problem.

To read more of this vision “In the Meadow,” check the next installment “Getting Rid of the Weeds.”

Blessing and eternal balance,


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