Part 10 – Getting rid of the weeds

18 03 2008

This is the tenth chapter in a healing vision which began with God speaking to me. If you would like to read all of them, go back to “In the Meadow.” This vision has brought deep and profound insight and healing to me.

Part 10 – Getting rid of the wweeding.jpgeeds

 I am amazed at the gift of God. Since my vision of the toilet in the meadow, I have been quite disrupted each and every time I have come to the meadow with the Lord. It is amazing to see God’s providence and the way He has walked me through this. In this vision, the Lord turned the toilet into a shredder, meaning He does want us to get rid of things in our lives, but we are not to flush them down a toilet. I was strangely burdened as I thought about the toilet. I was haunted by the truth that the waste is recycled, broken up and finally filtered, but not destroyed.

God doesn’t want people and relationships to be destroyed, rather he wants the weeds destroyed. I did a study of the word weeds and found the first use of weeds in the NIV is in the book of Job. The final use of weed is by Jesus himself where he speaks of the destruction of the work of the devil in sewing the seeds of evil.

God is all about destroying the devil’s work, not recycling it. God wants to make us a new creation unto him. This morning as I continued to wrestle with my feelings and emotions, I saw the Lord begin talking to me, and as He did, I realized I needed to recognize my melancholy attitude for what it was, a weed, and then shred it completely!

As I did, a great joy came upon me, as feelings and emotions I had been battling for more then 3 days were shredded. I look at the meadow and see the beauty of the sunshine as it dances upon the river and I walk over to where the tree is spouted and take up my place watching the tiny tree!

Will I ever visit the meadow again? I am sure I will, and as I do, I will experience the Lord once again. I rejoice in the gift of this healing vision and his introducing me to the meadow of His Presence. I am healed because the Lord allowed me to encounter Him!

Blessing and eternal grace,


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