Part 12 – Life in the Fog

25 03 2008


This is the twelfth and final chapter in a healing vision which began with God speaking to me. If you would like to read all of them, go back to “In the Meadow.” This vision has brought deep and profound insight and healing to me. I am sure in the future I will come again and again to the meadow, but for today…

Chapter 12 – Life in the Fog


Today I see the meadow covered in fog. My life is so covered in fog right now that I guess this is why I am back in the meadow. Since writing the first 10 chapters of “In the Meadow,” I have been here only 3 more times. I guess it is something that will happen from time to time, as I need more life direction!

Life today is a fog. I look at the meadow and all I see is fog. I can’t see the small tree, the river of God’s presence, nor can I see the meadow.  Taking a step is a challenge because I can’t see a foot in front of me.

Standing in the meadow, I cry out to the Lord. “My life seems in a fog. I need your help. Please give me direction and allow me to walk with you now and always. Father, my life is foggy when I am around Steve. Please help me to let go of all of the fog and embrace the truth of your plan for my life. I want to embrace it with both hands. Father, I come to you and ask for your direction and love. Father, I need you to help me. I need your help. I am lost and know that without you I am truly alone even if I am in a large group of people. I am hurting in ways I don’t understand.. Please help me to allow you to clear out the fog in my life.”

As I cry out to the Lord, I begin to understand that this fog is another form of hurt in my life. The fog clouds the real issues my feelings about church and ministry, and keeps me from seeing the truth that will set me free. By realizing this, I choose to look past the fog unto the Lord in faith. What a difference looking past the fog makes in the meadow!  As I do this, God blows out the fog, and I can see clearly once again!

I see myself dancing in the sunlight of the meadow in praises to my God, and as I do, I can once again hear the river of the Lord’s presence, and the tree continues to grow. Praise (and faith?) as well as adversity causes the tree to grow. It seems that as I reach out to the Lord, the tree grows no matter what the reason. What a wonderful thing to see, growth from the fog!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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