A final note about In the Meadow…

4 04 2008

23410414.jpgI just can’t get away from writing about how In the Meadow has affected my life. For several days I have tried to publish the blogs I have prepared, but I can’t. I have never had a vision like this in my life before. God worked on issues that I would have spent months working through without him. I had been working/praying with people for almost twenty years and my relationship with the Lord was strong, yet these visions did something I never expected: they healed me!

I now look at this meadow as a sanctuary in my life. When life is tough, I go there. When life is a joy, I go there. When I am lonely or hurt, I go there. It has become a place of refuge in the storms of my life. I have traveled and never felt such peace in at my good friends’ home at the beach. There is peace there, but it isn’t the same. That peace is external where being in the meadow brings internal peace. In the meadow I have a deep sense of God’s presence and his plan for my life.

I also want to take time to publicly thank God for his gift of this healing vision. God has done a wonderful thing in me, and I am changed.

A true encounter with God always changes you. It comes as a surprise, like the flowers in spring. You know they are there, but during the fall and winter, the bulbs multiply and suddenly there are more! More blooms, more leaves and yes… More Complete Joy!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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