Guarding against sputtering and spilling over!

9 04 2008

Today when I turned on the fountain, it worked beautifully, not sputtering or spilling over. Yesterday it sputtered and spilled over after not being used for several weeks; it also needed more water.


I was amazed that the fountain didn’t sputter or spill over, and this caused me to wonder if there was another lesson about my relationship with God.


I thought about the times when I or some other was called on to minister to spiritual needs, and all we could do was sputter and spill over rather than flow in the Spirit naturally as God intends. I have always wondered what dynamics caused this to happen. I think in this fountain I have a clue!


At church on Sunday, one of the pastors was asked to pray spontaneously, and the words just flowed from his mouth. Then just moments later, when the Lord spoke to me, I didn’t really know what to do with it and began sputtering and spilling over rather than flowing in the Spirit. I hadn’t been with the Lord that morning. I was overjoyed about the changes in my life and forgot all about God! Taking time to be with the Lord really makes a world of difference in how we function spiritually and emotionally!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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