Soul Wounds

12 04 2008

This morning as I spend time with the Lord, I find myself praying a curious prayer; “Father, my soul is very hurt and I need healing. I need you to heal my soul wounds.”

This prayer was curious to me because I have never thought of soul wounds. I know what body wounds are. They are easy to see because we bleed. I also have seen spirit wounds. When we are buffeted by the enemy, often our spirits are wounded, our faith in God is tried, and sometimes we feel defeated. Some of us will even walk away from our churches, our friends, and our God because of this spiritual wounding.

But what about this soul wounds thing? I am very curious what a soul wound could be. I have never heard anyone talk about soul wounds, though we don’t talk about spirit wounds we all suffer from body wounds as children, like it or not, falling and scraping our knees… As we grow older, our wounds are more sever, like cancer. We can and should take all our wounds to Jesus.

Again I ask… what are soul wounds? Since our souls are made up of our minds, wills, emotions and imaginations, I think soul wounds would be the things that wound our emotions, the psychological traumas we encounter in our everyday lives. This makes a lot of sense to me. I wonder why we so often see these kinds of wound as horrible? Why do we put a stigma on them, like they are diseases we can catch?

If soul wounds are the result of abuse such as emotional and psychological traumas, we need to realize they are part of life, let go of the trauma and embrace the healing. I have struggled for many years to embrace healing. , I think embracing healing is the key to releasing our spirits as well as your bodies so we can become who God created us to be!

How much weight do I give these soul wounds in my life? Do I allow them to dictate how I respond to the things going on in my life, or do I allow the risen Lord to overshadow and bring the resurrection my soul needs?  I think on my good days, I allow the risen Lord to bring healing, but on the darkest of days, when I am the most broken, the light and resurrection power has not broken through. I have to change that!


Jesus, I come before you and ask that you would penetrate every corner of my wounded soul and bring your resurrection power to restore life where death has taken up residence. I choose to embrace your resurrection power and not the traumas which have produced these soul wounds. I choose life — life in my body, life in my soul, and life in my spirit now and always in Jesus name, amen.


This is my response, what’s yours?


Blessings & Complete Joy,



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One response

12 04 2008

It makes sense… if we are 3 parts, body, soul, spirit, that all three parts need attended to. I think you are right… soul wounds are the things that damage our emotions… and our wills.


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