What was I created for?

17 05 2008

What was I created for? This is my question today. This is a question that often we forget to ask, especially of our Lord. Do we inquire about His plans and purposes for our lives? I think we often move forward without a thought of Him. I know I am guilty of doing just this very thing.


As you read this, I am away taking 21 days to write the first of several books I know the Lord created me uniquely to write, in part because of my experience growing up in a family that practiced satanism. That environment brought me face to face with the enemy of our soul, and I know he is very real. I also learned that we give him far too much credit for things that he hasn’t the power to do.


Another thing I know I am on the earth to do is to help others get to know their heavenly dad.  I grew up with a dad who was very evil by earthly standards. He was emotionally, physically and sexually abusive. He did all the things that an evil dad would do, including introducing me to the enemy of our souls, the devil. As had been done for generations, my dad willing gave me to the devil, to have total reign in my life. Yet I was created, not to stop the Lord’s revelation, but to reveal Him like the rock that was rolled away at the resurrection.


This isn’t an easy thing to do. Yet it is what I was uniquely created to do: some would say it is my call. It has been a call I wanted to run in the other direction from with full speed. Who would want to have to speak of the awful things done by those who are so deceived that they follow false gods? Who would want to admit to being born into that legacy?


I am reminded that the Lord was not revealed until the rock began to roll away. I must allow the Lord to use my life to reveal Him in all his glory. If you are reading this, take a moment and pray for me to be strong and to walk into my calling, which is to reveal the risen Lord.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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