Mantle of Praise

24 05 2008

“What do you do with a mantel of praise?” I was asking the Lord this as I put on my necklace. He told me I was putting on a mantle of praise. I don’t feel much like a praise person right now. I had a dream last night about putting away the past. In my dream, I said good-bye to Ray, my favorite pastor from years ago. I don’t know if he ever knew that I always pray for him. In my dream, I told him even though I was leaving, I would always pray for him. I talked to him about my friend Fern and how I still pray for her even though I haven’t seen her for years.


What did this have to do with a mantel of praise? I don’t know. All I know is that once upon a time, when Ray was one of my pastors, I had a real passion for worship, but I let it die along with the ministry I was doing. Over the years I sometimes sensed the passion deep inside, yet I didn’t have the strength to pick it up once again.


Somehow this morning it is different. Over the last several days, I have finally begun once again working on my worship flags so that I can use them to worship in public. It has been more than a year since I last waved a flag in church.  When I left my last church, I lost my favorite flag and have been so sad about losing it that I guess I just didn’t want to wave another flag until now.


My Lord encouraged me to take them to church today, so I began to wave them as the worship music played. Could I do it? I was still really tired, I take medicine for MS which wipes me out the day after I take it, and I had taken it Saturday instead of on Friday, so I could have used that as a worthy excuse if I wanted to. But what about that mantle of Praise? That mantle that , the Lord gave to me was real, I knew it before and successfully talked myself out of it, but now this worship truth is renewed, and I can’t turn away from it.


As I speak these words, they bring me strength. I can see myself in the church here in Florence waving my flags. My friend Judy has encouraged me to take the flags because she desires dance and flags at her church as part of worship, and so do her pastors!  


All I have to do is take my flags; it doesn’t matter how well I flag. What matters is that worship happens.


God, you are great and greatly to be praised,

so I will bring my flags today and worship you!



Blessings and Complete Joy,



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