Putting the Puzzle that is me back together!

28 06 2008

           Have you ever had one of those mornings where at 3a.m. your eyes pop open with an epiphany? Well this morning that is what happened to me. I woke up excited because I understood where the writing I have been doing fits into my current ministry.


            Here’s some background: I began working in private ministry in 1990 with a small segment of Christ’s body. I developed material and information and shared it with many people up until 2002 when I was lead by God to go to school. Graduating in 2004 with a pastoral degree, I went on, as most do, to become a staff pastor. I laid aside much of my private ministry work because it was of no value to my church body.


            In 2007, I returned to private ministry with a new direction, or so I thought, because I had formed a new ministry, Complete Joy! I realize now that since leaving pastoral ministry, my ministry focus has broadened! I see the Lord brushing the dust off the Spiritual Hygiene material I developed years ago and bringing it into my current ministry as I write the book that has been waiting a long time for me to write.


            As I began writing the manuscript, I struggled because I didn’t see how the Spiritual Hygiene material fit into my current work. Yet, as I share this material, people I never expected to share it with receive it with joy. . Truly its time has come! All I needed was for God to open my eyes to how this old work was in his plan all the time!


             I responded to this insight by getting  up and cleaning off my desk, finishing the filing and then turning to my Web site to clean it up, simplifying it to the five concepts of Complete Joy – Empower, Equip, Restore, Release and Mentor.  I am excited to know that I am following God’s plan and not just acting out of my own flesh!


            I can turn my sights to my manuscript knowing that my past work is indeed for today!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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