The Tongue that Brings Healing

22 07 2008

The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.

Proverbs 15:4 NIV

            This Scripture is profoundly affecting my life right now because I am making weekly prayer walks in preparation for Luis Palau’s Portland Cityfest August 22 – 23. I have a mission to prepare the ground, and I need a tongue able to speak life.


            I see the Lord planting a tree of life in the city park where the Cityfest will be held. I am going to watch it germinate as I walk the park, knowing that this tree of life will grow during the 40 days until Cityfest.


            I have taken this call to pray very seriously. Because I know in my spirit this call is from the Lord himself. There are moments in each of our lives when we know we are doing something the Lord has called us to do. We take it more seriously than others who know they to are called but seem not to have a depth of call, which profoundly changes their lives.


            How am I changing? God is giving me an understanding of the weight of my words. We don’t often think about the words we use; if we did, we might not use so many. Yesterday as I walked Tom McCall Park in downtown Portland, I found myself speaking few words when called upon to pray out loud, realizing the value of the ones I spoke were enough.


I spoke words of life, of blessings and resurrection. I prayed the visions the Lord showed me as I walked. I prayed the dreams he gave me of how this time will affect those who attend Cityfest, knowing the Lord will show up and lives will be changed. God is changing all those who open their hearts to him. As we walked, I saw the open hearts of the group symbolizing the openness of those attending Cityfest!


Oh how I rejoiced in the gift of relationship with a mighty God. Who cares about the troubles of a city the Lord intends to bless! At that moment the gates were open to heaven and all who wanted could enter in. Truly God is building a tree of life! Oh how I praise him.


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