Sowing Words of Instruction

19 08 2008

          In the classes I have taught on Spiritual Warfare, I find people are always interested in these words of instruction. Who wouldn’t be interested in learning how to stand against those oppressive thoughts dogging them for years? Words of Instruction teach and educate, no matter the topic. Whether at work, through a seminar or in your personal life, words of instruction impart knowledge and enable us to live successful and joy filled lives.

         In our homes, moms and dads across this nation and around the world use words of instruction to train their children how to live in society. I remember those days of teaching my children how to tie their shoes. I would sit with them, showing them and communicating over and over again how to make the bow. They would get frustrated, and I would show them how to take the knot out and begin again. Oh, the joy my children had when they learned to tie their shoes by themselves. Like Michael Phelps who won the 8 gold medals, they felt on top of the world.

          We see words of instruction in print as well.  Our instruction manuals are full of instruction. I know without the instructions for my digital camera, I would never have been able to set the date because it was just too complicated. I think of the Bible, the greatest book of instruction and encouragement I have ever read.  Allowing the Bible to speak in our lives is healing and life giving for sure!

Giving and receiving words of instruction are natural because we are created with the ability to learn. Unfortunately, it also seems natural to give those words with criticism or judgment.

What are words of instruction without an undertone of criticism?

            Words of instruction without an undertone of criticism are words given without passing judgment; they are authoritative and sure, bringing life. Words of instruction, rightly given, become like the words of the master carpenter, who having confidence in his own abilities, shows his apprentice how to become skilled like the master carpenter. The apprentice, with much hard work, is able to complete the task with profound perfection. Always remember when giving instruction there is a learning curve; like the master carpenter with his apprentice, we need time to learn!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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