Words of Correction

23 08 2008

          Not too long ago, Joy, my editor, talked to me about my website, completejoy.org. She said it was difficult to use, from organization of the basic page to navigating from one page to the next. These words were tough to hear, but nevertheless, they were timely, to be sure. They were not spoken with malice or with ulterior motives; rather, they were spoken by one trying to do what a good editor does, that is correct!

            It was all I could do to stay focused on the truth, that my Web site needed work.  I had spent weeks which turned into months creating the Web site from scratch. She knew all this history and all my work because she had been there from the very beginning. She was blunt and honest, when she advised me not to put anything else on my Web site until I had time to fix it, so to focus on my blog instead.

            Within 24 hours, I began taking a good, hard look at my Web site. I took time to do research about good Web design. Who knew there was such a thing? I began to see that change was really needed and went about making changes.

            These were good words of correction, for they were rightly spoken and like seeds scattered on good soil, they produced good fruit. My Web site, if you haven’t visited it in a while, is much simpler and easier to use. For you Webmasters, yes, I still have a ways to go, to be sure, but I know I am on the right path.

            I think I am finally ready to have Joy’s Webmaster friend critique the site. I have done the best I can and need another pair of eyes to give me direction.

            My husband questioned my sudden change and the fury of work I did to improve the Web site based on one person’s opinion. When words of correction are spoken at the right time by the right person, those words become worth more than gold, and something I was willing to drop everything to respond to. I have gotten good responses from my Web site since I made the changes. More people are visiting completejoy.org, than ever before.


            The key is this: Joy had no ulterior motive, so the Lord could use her words to correct me, knowing the time was right. Joy had spoken similar words before, but because of where the Lord knew I was that day, I could finally listen. Because of those corrective words, as tough as they were, I took major positive steps to change my Web site!


I hope that when you come face to face with words of correction,

you too will do the courageous thing and change.


Please join me for our next topic: Words of Praise.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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