Who fights your battles?

2 09 2008

            My friend Judy has been struggling to understand why the battle belongs to the Lord. It is something we all struggle with at sometime in our life. 

Early in August, she told me she was at the hospital with her aunt, who had come to visit her. Her aunt, a Catholic nun, had been diagnosed with brain cancer. When she first called, she was crushed and wanted to go to war for her aunt… Later in August, Judy called to give an update and said the Lord had stopped her from going to war for her aunt, by reminding her of the Scripture passage that says, “the battle belongs to the Lord.”  She said that she has discovered that healing is God’s plan. He sent Jesus to defeat every illness, so we need to believe God and let Him win the battle over the disease! Our battle is to believe God no matter what, to have faith. Now that Diane has taken up her rightful place in the fight, fighting for her own faith, her peace and joy has returned.

We were never created to do battle as most of us think of it. When we go to battle in the traditional spiritual warfare sense of the word we become tired, and overwhelmed, which can lead to defeat of our faith, when the situation doesn’t have the outcome we prayed for. I saw these affects first hand, when the wife of a pastor died of cancer. The prayer warriors in the church were tired and broken from contending for her healing, words were given, prayer vigils were held and yet she died.  It was so devastating, even some on the pastoral staff questioned if prayer really works. It is very dangerous when we contend for healing instead of for our faith.

We need to keep our eyes focused on God who fights our battles; yes we can ask, if we really want to know what is going to happen, however in reality much of the time we want God to do our will.

My friend Marilyn many years ago called, asking me to come and pray with her, for her friend’s son, adding don’t tell me God is going to let him die. Well, you guessed it, as I prayed the Lord showed me he was going to die. My hands were tied, so I didn’t tell my friend, nor she didn’t ask until after his death. Marilyn’s faith had been broken by the time she called me to pray, because her focus was for healing not for God’s will through faith.

We are fortunate and can learn from our mistakes, Judy has, and she learned to contend for her faith, and let God handle her aunt’s healing, because the battle belongs to the Lord. Jesus knew this as he talked to his Father about the cross saying, “not my will but thy will be done.” He knew his responsibility was to contend for his faith, leaving the battle for the outcome, to God his King.


In our next blog we will continue this discussion as we look at: Who is your King!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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