Who is your King?

9 09 2008

            I am often called to pray for someone who wants God to step in and heal a loved one. One time sticks in my mind even though it happened almost 20 years ago… My friend Marilyn asked me to come over and pray for her friend’s sick child as he lay in bed. As we talked, she told me about how this child’s mother, a strong Christian, had died only months before and then said she just couldn’t take it if this child died too. “Don’t tell me, this child is going to die,” she said. I didn’t say much after we finished praying. I think Marilyn knew that God had talked to me about the child, but she never asked about it until a month later when the child died. “You knew he was going to die,” she said. It was then I told her the words of comfort the Lord had spoken to me about the child: “This child will die, but take heart for he will be with me in heaven.”


            Marilyn struggled with God over her friend’s death and then, added to that, the child’s death, yet in the end her faith won out. God was still king in her life, even though she didn’t understand why her friend or her child had died.  So often things happen that test us in the area of allowing God to be our king.


            Early in my own Christian life, I struggled with praying for healing. I had a close friend at church who battled breast cancer three times, and the third time finally killed her. It was so tough walking with her family through that time, and when I think of it, I still cry because I miss my friend so much.


But great good came out of it. Several years later, when another friend, Bonnie, got cancer, I struggled for God’s will and allowing Him to be King.  I could pray and supported her, and not be concerned with her healing as I had been before. It is a joy to report that Bonnie beat breast cancer and is still enjoying life.  I don’t always like the outcome, but I know my King is fighting my battle and he knows what is best. We should trust God as Jesus did. All things are for God’s glory, not our pleasure.


We must battle to allow God to be King in our lives, fighting the fight of faith that he first established in Christ, allowing God to reign as King in our lives!



Blessings and Complete Joy,



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