Who is really King?

13 09 2008

 Who we put our faith in affects who fights our battles. If we put our faith in money, then we will throw every cent we have at what we are fighting for. If we believe that prayer will win the war, then we will spend every waking moment in prayer. Both are favorite weapons in the battles we face in the 21st century. The church favors both of these weapons, but neither of them works very well.


Contrary to what we are often told, money doesn’t win the battle for souls, bringing people into the kingdom; only the glory of the Lord and a belief in Jesus does that. It takes sweat on our part as we take time to share who Christ is to us, which happens in our everyday lives. Likewise, prayer is treated far too often as if it were a candy machine: if you put in your coins (time in prayer), then you get what you want. This is more like spiritual manipulation than relationship with God, which is what prayer is all about.


I have nothing against money I appreciate being able to pay the light bill when it comes. And as a former prayer pastor, I believe in the power of prayer, but not to get what I want, rather, to sustain my relationship with God. 


I firmly believe when money is king, people aren’t willing to part with it and we don’t see the offering plates full. Likewise, prayer meetings will be attended by only a few when they are set to manipulate God.


When we make anything other than God king in our lives, as with money and prayer, we should not be surprised when God doesn’t use these resources to build the church. The church is to be built on Christ. The Lord Christ himself came to reveal God’s glory. Christ won the victory because he allowed God’s glory to be revealed.


We must battle to allow God to be King in our lives, fighting the fight of faith that He first established in Christ, allowing God to reign as King in our lives!



Blessings and Complete Joy,



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