Marvelous ways of God!

20 09 2008

            When you allow God to fight your battles marvelous things can happen.


I woke up one morning, not too long ago, knowing I was to take some chocolate chip cookies to my evening prayer meeting. God impressed on me not to worry about the cookies, because he would provide them. I have learned when I am impressed not to worry about something by God, the best thing I can do is not worry!


I went about my day as usual, seeing a client, even stopping to price some supplies at a store, before meeting a friend for lunch. I never once thought any more about the cookies.


            At noon I met my friend for lunch, we made small talk as we moved through the salad buffet line at my favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes. We got to the cashier. I gave her my coupon, and handing her my money $20.02 for my bill of $6.97. She was clearly frazzled and she just couldn’t figure out the change I should have gotten, I told her that was okay, and she could do the change out of the $20 and I would take back the two cents. She was so pleased and surprised that I didn’t get mad; she gave me a bag of 12 chocolate chip cookies.  I looked at the change as I put it in my wallet and saw she had  given me one too many $5 bills, so I quickly caught her before she closed the till, and she tried to hand me another chocolate chip, which I told her to give to my friend.  We walked away from the cashier marveling at the 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies we had.


            As we sat at the table, I realized God had provided the chocolate chip cookies I was to take to the prayer meeting. We had the best lunch as we rejoiced in God’s provision. I had my cookies for my prayer meeting and my friend had 12 cookies to share with her 6 grandkids, who were staying with her!


            God tells us do not worry or be anxious about anything, but by prayer and supplication make our requests to him. We really don’t have to worry, not when we allow God to fight our battles, especially for provision! Believe God when he said he will provide, for in that you allow him to work in marvelous ways!



Blessings and Complete Joy,



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