30 09 2008

            As I write this blog, I feel so unprepared. I hunger for intimacy, search for others who desire intimacy as well, and then struggle to let go and allow the intimacy of relationship change my life! Can you relate?

            I am far from perfect, but I keep trying! My number one desire is intimacy with God and then with others. Life happens in relationship! When God embraced the earthand created us. It is in that depth of relationship that we are changed.

When we sat in the classrooms of our youth, we had teachers who sometimes struggled to teach us the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Why? Because we only learned some thing when we embraced the bridge between what we knew of the subject and what we didn’t know, and this required us to get involved!

This is why when a child reaches out to his or her mom and mom reaches back, there is real connection. Nothing is more beautiful than real authentic intimacy, where both people are open.

As you are reading this blog, the degree of effect it has on you depends on how well I can connect with you, (connection through content) and how open you are to me (willingness/ability to relate).   

Our ability and willingness to relate is an ever-evolving thing. I am able to relate today better than I ever could as a child, for as a child I didn’t have the experiences that allowed me to understand how to relate, even though I hungered for relational intimacy. Having no experience, I retreated into books because they were safe and easy to understand. I couldn’t face people who did things I didn’t understand. Now as an adult I have learned how to interact with people, and so when I am confronted with a new group of people, I am not afraid to interact with them; rather, I look forward to making new friends and embracing more relational intimacy in my life. Now I struggle to read that book on my shelf!

May you reach out, embracing the Lord and the world around you!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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30 09 2008

The search for authentic relationship is a search for meaning and purpose. As Imgago Deo (Image of God) we were created to have depth of relationship with God and with those we can see and hear and touch and feel. I am amazed how many persons are lonely even in the context of the Church. People who are longing to belong and connect. But its hard work, its risky business but it is necessary for us to continue to grow and create our own legacy.God made us for intimacy. I commend you on your blog and look forward to your insights.

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