Empowered through Intimacy

5 10 2008

            In the last blog, we talked about a mom reaching out to her child and how intimacy impacts our relationships.

            Today we are going to begin talking about how encouragement becomes empowerment when relational intimacy fuels it. I have been involved with Moms In Touch, a group whose sole purpose is to gather for an hour to pray for their kids and their school.  When I first walked into the school as a parent, I cared about my kids and their school; therefore, I cared about the teachers and the school.

I had been a parent of a Floyd Dryden Middle School student for about a year when I first heard about Moms In Touch. Glenda and I talked and decided to begin a Mom’s In Touch group at Floyd Dryden, so with a humble boldness, I went to the school to ask if we could pray for them. This was a strange beginning to a relationship as I crouched down next to the principal’s desk in hopes of getting his undivided attention. It is funny that is what I remember most about the first time I talked with the principal.

It wasn’t until the beginning of the following year that we walked into Floyd Dryden with a gift of cookies and a note for the staff.  Through the years, especially around the holiday’s we would have something special prepared. Teachers and our principal began greeting us in the hall and inviting us to be more active parts in the school’s activities.  They had an impact on us too! I really didn’t like the school nurse, but by the end of my daughter’s middle school career, the nurse became someone I loved.

As Karen neared graduation from Floyd Dryden, I said yes when the principal asked me to chair the graduation party committee. It was amazing that he encouraged us to invite the local Christian band to play for the kids.  I had been amazed at how our prayers empowered the staff to be the best they could be, and the tone and spirit of the school changed. I knew they cared as much about me as they did my kids; I was empowered to do the best job I could.

Because of the relational intimacy we walked out through our efforts at Mom’s in Touch, our teachers were empowered to teach our children who were forever changed.  Even today, one of those teachers still stays in contact with me, and I with her, because there is a real relational intimacy.  


The next time you think about reaching out to encourage, take the extra step to empower that person, and it will become a life-changing experience for both of you!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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