The Intimacy of Equipping

11 10 2008

            Today we will discuss how intimacy affects those we teach.  When we care about those we are teaching, we take the time to connect with them. Joy, my editor, is equipping me to write more effectively so that I am able to share with you what is in my heart. She has spent countless hours equipping me. She has been honest and oh so helpful in my pursuit of written communication. She is an educator by trade, working at a university in Topeka, Kansas. She often has taken an hour after work on Wednesdays to give me a writing project or other exercise such as sentence combining, to help shape the writing you see. She doesn’t get paid for this time she expends; her only gratification is seeing my progress through the blogs I write.

            One day she will see even more as I finish the 13 chapters of the book I am working on. Even though that book may be months away, she still walks every step with me, equipping me for the journey. I know if I have a question or a problem, I can call her and she will help me. That is what it is to go deeper in an equipping relationship.  I know I can trust her, and our relational intimacy has allowed me to be honest about my faults and my challenges. I know she will give any criticism with the utmost respect for my story and who I am as a person. Intimacy has a level of respect that allows each of us to let down the veil which protects us.

            She knows the challenges I face with my eyes as I try to read, and how sometimes I am unable to read for more than 10 minutes, due to the effects of MS on my eyes. She doesn’t judge, rather she has empowered me to read as much as I can when I can, so I can grow.

            When I equip others, I find this rule to be true: it doesn’t matter how much you know until people know how much you care. So I ask myself, “Do I care enough to take the time with that person before I attempt to teach her a concept?

I sat with my friend Peggy as she struggled to understand the protection of God. I struggled with her, and we both rejoiced when the Lord showed her that Jesus was like an umbrella protecting her from the rain.  It took time to sit with her, even going so far as to open a real umbrella and help her stand underneath it as the Lord revealed this deep truth, changing her life forever.

Teaching is rewarding, but when you walk in relational intimacy, equipping happens, making change a rewarding emotional experience for both you as the teacher and those you are teaching –bringing with it growth for all, a natural and inevitable outcome!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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One response

11 10 2008

Nice blogsite! I appreciate especially your post about being equipped, because I feel strongly that many believers do not take the time to grow.

Keep up the good work!


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