Watering a plant is like mentoring!

1 11 2008

            After getting back from my trip I found my plant was badly in need of watering. Water to me is like the need we all have to be mentored, someone who pours into us, living water that sustains us. For Christian that water comes through the words and truths of Christ. You and I need to have mentoring, just as surely we need to have a first grade teacher who teaches us how to read and write.

            Through the word mentor isn’t found in the bible, I look at what Jesus did, pouring into his 12 disciples for it defines mentoring for us. We see over and over again how Jesus mentored; the effects of Christ’s mentoring went beyond his 12 disciples, extending to us today. Without Christ’s relational intimacy through mentoring, Christianity would not be what it is today.


            Looking once again at the plant in my office, I see the plant needs tending; I can tell if it needs water and when it needs more light or less heat. Sometimes I can do nothing about the plants needs, but I am still there, caring about the plant as the Lord gives me the strength to tend it. I am not co-dependant with this plant, for yesterday I didn’t feel well, and through it needed water, I took care of myself. Today that plant still needed water, and feeling better, I watered it.

            Mentoring allows for your needs as well as the needs of another, as with my plant. Only minutes later, after receiving the water my plant like someone you or I mentor is refreshed and ready to go on with life according to God’s purpose and I can now go on with my life as well, writing this blog!


On a personal note…  I have missed you in the last 11 days as I traveled to see my son and his family, yet I knew to lay down the blog for this time was the right thing to do. Look for another entry in this Journey to Complete Joy on Tuesday, see you then!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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