Being the Sand on Christ’s Feet part 2

9 11 2008

sand-on-his-feet            For the next couple of days in those quiet moments, as my mind would wander between appointments, all I thought about was being the sand on Christ’s feet.  


As I thought about the sand, what a glorious place to be on and around Jesus’ feet, then I would always be sure to walk where He walks, always at His speed not mine, and arrive at His destination in step with Christ. That is my hearts desire.


Then I began to think about how sand adheres to a person’s feet. It takes water or some other liquid, yet, too much and it is washes off.  I have always thought of being washed by the word of God. I use to sing about being washed in the word years ago in church, yet here was a new meaning. The word of God like water which adheres the sand to our feet, keeps us in step with Christ. I find that when I read scripture I am drawn closer and closer to Christ, yet when I take it in to become part of me by memorization I become adhered to Christ. I no longer marvel that those who quote scripture chapter and verse, rather I rejoice for Christ is truly taking up residence in them!


As I thought further I thought about the sand being washed off by too much water. That is what we sometimes do as we walk with new Christians. I applaud my pastor who has given our church one scripture for the whole month. He knows we have a lot of new and young Christians so he is not drounding them with too much to learn. Yet he encourages them ever so gently with the importance of allowing scripture to be a cornerstone in their young lives! Great Job Dave! I can hear God’s applause in heaven!


I end with this, since allowing myself to be sand on Jesus’ feet I have found the quality of my rest is 100% improved. I have always slept about 7 hours; now those 7 hours are not sometimes filled with the tossing and turning, as while asleep I work out life’s struggles. Now I awaken refreshed and excited about the new day!


God has so much to each us as we are the sand on Jesus feet.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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