JOY – part 2

15 11 2008

john-153            In our previous blog, we looked at the Jesus in JOY. Today we focus on the O for others.

            When we think of joy and others, we probably think of bringing joy to the lives of other people, but may hide from the reality that we often have been focusing on getting others to meet our self-centered need for joy. When we imitate Christ, who didn’t have his eyes on himself, we can bring joy to others as Christ did. But we need to be examining our motives, making sure we are serving others as Christ would serve them, and are not actually seeking service for ourselves.


 I think of Suzy, who thinks of our pastor often and calls him a lot, but only to get her own needs met. She rarely thinks of his needs. Slowly, I believe as she grows in Christ, she will move from working to get her needs met to relying on Christ instead.

            I once looked to my husband to bring me joy. I cooked his dinner and took care of the house and children so he never had to lift a finger. I thought I was looking for joy correctly as the dutiful wife and mother, but found I was so codependent I couldn’t find myself. The change took time as I looked more to Christ to meet my needs and found that as I focused on Him, He showed me how to serve my family, bringing joy to us all. The relationships that were once crumbling are now being restored, and my children call and invite me to visit them. What a change!

            Now I look to share my life with others, caring for them in ways that God intends me to.  I share with Suzy, but I don’t try to rescue her; rather, I share Christ and point her toward a deeper relationship with Him, allowing Him to meet her needs. I no longer do everything for my husband who is now retired and has discovered he loves to cook, so I have let go of the cooking and enjoy just doing the dishes!

When I care for others as God intends they find joy not in me, but in their relationship with Christ where they were created to find joy.


Join me next time for part three of JOY!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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