Transition to a New Year

29 11 2008

my-briefcase            These are the prophetic words of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj the founder of Jesus Ministries who was recently in the US.

            “Changes, relocations, shiftings, will take place peoples and ministries, and the nation here and all over the world. Just like an old skin being replaced with new skin, likewise changes that have been put into you, giftings, anointings. Great changes are coming and those unwilling to change will miss the outpouring of the latter and former rain. Translocation has been decreed. Outlooks will change and the way of doing things will change from one dimension to another.”

            I don’t know about you but I am finding so much transition in my own personal life, long time focuses are changing and to stay the same is to be uncomfortable. I feel the change in the wind, it seems to be all around us.

            These words of Sadhu are a comfort to me, an encouragement to walk in the new direction the Lord has given me. The old direction was to work with hurting people the new direction is to encourage those who are praying for our city, state and nation. I too am taking a more active role in praying for our city as a group of us are meeting monthly to pray for the city of Portland. It is encouraging for I am seeing my desire to intercede return, stronger and more brilliant then ever before.

            I am still connected with those I have ministered to for years, but I am no longer feel the drive to pray for new clients and support them in their healing. My focus is changing and I am working to become comfortable with this change in me.

            If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time will have noticed the change in the way this blog looks, the format is different, and different pages have been added. It seems to be a good change, yet it is still a bit uncomfortable for me. I will be  closing down my website as well. God isn’t letting me get away from this transition in my life, it is significant and one the God has known about for a very long time.

            I have seen God blessing me as I accept the change. As I walked into this change I have found several people coming along side me to pray for Portland, some of them are old friends and some of them are new ones! I have also seen God bless my finances, not in the normal ways, but in supernatural ones.

          My husband and I went to the mall and stopped at Sears to see what kind of women’s briefcases they had, and to my surprise I found one, for only $9.99! I didn’t get it right away, because we looked at several more stores in the mall, before we returned to Sears to buy the briefcase. To my surprise when I took the briefcase to the register I was told if I opened an account the briefcase was free, I never had to use the card again and could destroy the card when it came if I didn’t want to continue using it. So we signed up for the card and I have enjoyed my free briefcase since. It is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. God is blessing me in unique ways that are so special. Several days later as I realized I really need a purse that fit in the briefcase, God even directed me to the perfect purse that fit inside the briefcase and it was on clearance for $10.

          My new briefcase is so different then anything I have ever had, but it works perfectly for everything I carry. God has provided for me in such a unique way which reminds me every time I use my briefcase that God is doing a new thing! God is so amazing and I know this transition is to something I am uniquely created for.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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