Making Memories at Christmas

9 12 2008

making-memories          As I was designing our Christmas tags on my computer, I heard the Lord saying, “make memories.” Suddenly Christmas became not about buying and giving presents, but about making Christmas memories!


So what does that look like?


            I began making memories earlier this summer when I was able to surprise my daughter Karen for her birthday by taking her and her daughter Lenna out to buy fabric for a dress. Karen had a wonderful time asking the staff questions about classes and browsing through the fabric isles until she found just the right fabric. She went from the bargain isle, where she normally shops, to one of the specialty fabric isles finally found a fabric she loved, a beautiful brown cotton blend with a simple classic pattern. 


Lenna and I had so much fun as we walked around the fabric shop, hand in hand. Lenna looked at everything and had to share everything she saw with me. I took pictures with my camera phone. We were three generations of women (granted Lenna is only 2) who just plain love fabric. My mom, who died when Karen was only four years old, would have smiled seeing the three of us walking through the fabric isles. Even now this memory brings me joy because I was spending quality time with the ones I love.


The stuff we buy will fade out of our memories, but the time we spend together is remembered forever. Lenna just celebrated her second birthday, where she got lots of presents. But it isn’t the presents she is still talking about.  She wants to know when everyone is coming over to their house again! Karen tells Lenna, we will be together again at Christmas, and Lenna responds with a great big smile.


Just a few days ago, my friend, also a Karen, and I went to the Saturday Market, a place where craftsmen of all sorts, from jewelers to potters, sell direct to the public. Open all summer long, it is only open for only a short time in the winter, from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Karen and I had a wonderful breakfast and then shopped at the Saturday Market for Christmas gifts. We walked and talked and shared about so many things, having a marvelous morning. We even bought some Christmas gifts! The biggest surprise was when she bought something for me.


I saw a beautiful pair of earrings, and I shared this with Karen as we walked off. Later, as we walked back around to this same jewelry vendor from a different direction, Karen stopped and bought that pair of earrings, handed them to me, and said, “Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!” I was totally surprised. What a memory! She told me how thankful she and Al, her husband, were to have me in their lives. It is safe to say that whenever I put those ear rings on, I will remember Karen, the fun we had walking through Saturday Market and the priceless words she spoke.


Well, these are a few stories of is what it looks like to make memories! Go out and do likewise. We will talk about this some more in the next blog.


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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