Gifts Stored Up in Heaven for YOU!

23 12 2008
Some years ago, James, a friend of mine, shared a vision he had while doing ministry. In the vision James was taken up to heaven to see the gifts the Lord had for a man James was ministering to. Each of the gifts had a delivery date on it, and there in the pile of gifts was the healing of his sight. James didn’t talk about how he handled the ministry to this blind man, but the story touched me.
What are the gifts God has stored up in heaven for you? Have you ever asked Him? God does have gifts stored up for you!
            Sitting in my office with gifts surrounding me, I am reminded of James’ story, and I am reminded of how these Christmas gifts resemble those gifts in James’ vision. Each gift is wrapped with a bow and a tag. We have already given out some gifts and others are already on their way to those living out of town. These gifts in my office sit waiting for Christmas to come because we don’t have a room in our small condo for a tree.
            I know God has gifts for each one of us stored up in heaven. Some sit in a dark corner with a bow and tag, showing no sign that they will ever be delivered, yet we are called to have faith to believe they will come on the appropriate date! God has gifts for you! You may have received the Lord and been filled with the Holy Spirit, two gifts we are more than willing believe and to receive. But do you know God has more for you? His love is as broad and wide and encompassing as the world. Yes, He has more for you. Look at where you are and ask the Lord what He has for you.
            I have had two visions in the last ten years which I have never forgotten. In the first one, I was looking at three maps. God told me if I would be faithful in Oregon, He would give me the U.S. and then He would give me the world.
            In the second vision, I was taken up to the throne room of God. I saw God and sitting beside him was Jesus. They gave me a silver map of the world, like a carpet that lay on the floor. When I was asked what I wanted to do with it, I picked it up and gave the world to Jesus. As I stood there, Jesus then gave me the same map of the world, but this time it was in gold. I looked at this second map and then looked at Jesus and said, “I want to give it back to you because it doesn’t belong to me.” Jesus looked at me with such love in his eyes and said, “That is why I want to give the world to you, because you know it doesn’t belong to you”.
            Over the years I have struggled with my calling, knowing the Lord has a call on my life to the world. I know that present is there up in heaven, and like the blind man waiting for sight, it has a date. I have to wait and be faithful until it comes time for the vision to be completed.
I don’t look for it to happen this Christmas, yet I am expectant that all the Lord has for me will be delivered on the correct date. I stand in faith knowing I will receive the gifts the Lord has up in heaven for me, every single one. I await my complete healing from MS. In the past year I have received part of that healing as I am off all MS medications, something I feared would never happen.  I rejoice this Christmas for this gift of no more injections as I walk into my healing! I am thankful that one day soon I will be healed, not because I want it, but because I know it is what God has for me.
             Just a day after accepting the call to pray along I-5 in agreement with other intercessors here in the state of Oregon, I had a third map vision. I saw the map of Oregon and the Lord standing north of the Oregon border. He bent down and took ahold of I-5, which is the main freeway from the Canadian border all the way south through California, and has he did this, I saw a tree rise. I-5 was the trunk, and all of the highways coming off of it became the branches of God’s tree.  As I listened, the Lord also told me that I-5 was a tap root and that the root system for Oregon began here in Portland. As the Lord said these things, I saw the many freeways and highways rising as well to reveal the complete tree. This vision gave new understanding of why He was calling me to pray, to be an intercessor, and I am coming to understand this is part of the gifts the Lord has stored up in heaven for me!
            As we prepare ourselves for the final days of Christmas, take time to spend time with the Lord and allow Him to reveal the gifts He has stored up in heaven for you!
Blessings and Complete Joy,
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