God’s Infinite Glory

6 01 2009

          Looking at the world around us, we encounter the glory of God in creation, and many have stopped and worshipped there, turning to creation for inspiration and revelation, or turning to science for the explanation of our existence  Often, as with science we base God’s glory on accomplishment. While some would argue that creation is not God’s accomplishment, I am here to say God’s glory is based on who He is, not on any accomplishment.   

            Perspective is the difference between the glory of humanity and the glory of God. Humans base glory on accomplishment, while God’s glory is based on who He is, a condition of His being. To find God’s perspective, I have to let go of my perspective, empting my hands, for the glory of humanity does nothing to encompass our God.

            When we look further, we see that God’s glory is infinite, like rain drops falling from the sky. Though they seem to come and go with some pattern, yet we really don’t understand God’s glory at all. We don’t understand why sometimes the glory of God can flood the land, covering everything in sight, while other times we hunger for the glory of God like a man lost in the dry desert.

            Why is it that we see the glory of God this way? Could it be God’s will? If God chooses where and when His glory will be revealed, like rainfall, does this mean we have no control? Yes. Glory be to God that we have no control over God’s glory, for if we did, only a few chosen people would receive it.

            So how do we respond to God’s glory? When we look at God’s glory, we take one of three stances: rejection of the Glory of God, hiding from God’s glory as we hide would hide from the sun if we were allergic to it, and embracing the glory of God.

            Embracing God’s Glory doesn’t mean we totally and completely understand it. I don’t know how a car works, but I drive one anyway. God wants to take us to a place where we have never been before, and the only way we will get there is to we allow God’s glory to fall upon us and take us where we can not go by ourselves.

            As we encounter the Glory of God, we have those three choices, rejecting, hiding or embracing. I choose to embrace. How about you?


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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