Valance of Love

14 01 2009




          Over Christmas,  I was sewing short curtains that go across the top of a window, called valances. There are two of these matching valances, one for each side of my foyer. One leads to the hall and more private areas, and the other leads to the living room and kitchen.

            I loved the first valance when it was finished, made with wonderful white fringe of the same white material as the curtain leading into the living room and kitchen area. I went on to create a second valance, which I hung in front of the first. It was made of gold material which draped from tacks in the ceiling.

I didn’t understand then what God was doing until I made the third and final valance, God was teaching me about His Love, Glory and Faithfulness.

While looking at the white valances, I realized that love is impartial, love is always there, and just like these valances, no matter what other valance or drape I may add, these valances will always be there, just like God’s love, which is always foundational. Like God’s love, these valances are the cornerstone of every room. When we allow love to be the cornerstone of every action, amazing things can happen. It is love that inspires a 14 year old girl to spend her days rounding up Christmas pajamas for Alzheimer’s patients in a nursing home!

Love flows down from heaven just like these valances flow down from my ceiling, and as they do this, the area is changed, just like the Alzheimer’s patients were changed, if only for a moment, by the love of a teenager!

Like these valances, held in place by the tension of the curtain rod, love is help in place by tension. God’s love is amazing, for we do not have to worry that He will ever change his mind and allow His love to fail and then fall down. We forget and sometimes don’t understand the tension of love and how tension is part of the package. When we sense the tension of love, we think something is wrong and sometimes feel that love costs too much and give up. When God said, “Love never fails,” He wants us to understand that tension is required to sustain love!

Now we come to the best part of the valance… the fringe! It reminds me of how the love of God is always flowing down to us. This love is not solid and overwhelming; rather, it is in small bite-sized portions that are sweet to our palate and manageable to eat. Every time I walk under one of these valances, I imagine God’s love flowing down upon everyone who enters our home, how the love of God is always there, even when I am asleep and unaware of it!

Finally, as I look at these valances, I remember the years I struggled trying to figure out what to put up there. We needed to close up the area above the curtain so we can keep the heat in the living room in the winter and the cool from the air conditioning in the summer. I have put everything from pieces of fabric to form core, which simulates the structure of wood trying to get it right. I finally gave up! We do that same thing trying to construct God’s love in our lives. We struggle trying to get it right, hoping to be good enough, smart or spiritual enough, rather than just relaxing and allowing God to reveal love to us.

I can tell you I will never forget the love lessons in these valances since they will hang in my foyer as long as we own our home.  I hope and pray God will use unique and personal ways to teach you about His love too!

I hope you will join me for our next blog, when we discover the lessons God teaches about His Glory!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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