Leaves of Healing

24 01 2009




This is the final installment of Lessons of the Sewing Machine, as least for now. My neighbor Rebecca has told me to hold on to the sewing machine and that when I have other projects I should just sew to my heart’s content! “Now really, Rebecca,” I said, “for those who love to sew, who can’t find another sewing project?”

   After I finished the valances in the foyer, I still had three wonderful sheer curtains sitting in a box ready to be cut down to fit my bedroom window. I had already hung one of them tacked up behind the drape to see if I liked it. Since I didn’t have a sewing machine, it hung there for over a year, but now thanks to Rebecca, I could finish this project too!

            As I took the measurements, I found that I needed to have two sheers rather then the one that had been tacked up for so long, I didn’t know if I would like having a seam down the center of the window.

            To keep the wonderful scallop of the bottom edge, I had to shorten the sheer curtains from the top edge, so I cut the tops off, and this meant I had to make new rod pockets. It was hard work because the sheerness of the material combined with the smoothness caused the material to shift as I tried to sew it, even after I lightly ironed it. And as I began to struggle, I called out to the Lord for help, and He began to talk to me.

            He reminded me why I originally liked the material of these curtains. The leaf pattern reminded me of the verses in Scripture about leaves. I especially love the leaves of healing for the nations in Rev 22:2. .

            Leaves always remind me of healing, and these leaves were no different. Then I realized God was talking about my marriage and about the healing my marriage had received and would continue to receive in the years to come. These curtains symbolized a promise from the Lord concerning my marriage.

            As I pause to write this blog, I am now realizing why there are two panels and not one. There are two of us, and each receives and will continue to receive healing from the Lord. I now have a reminder of God’s promise every time I look at this window.

            This was the sweetest of all lessons, for there were days when I am guessing both Steve and I didn’t know if our marriage would last as we sat at odds with each other in the counseling office, but those days make these days, where we have such peace, evermore so sweet!

            As I end this series of various lessons from the sewing machine, I hope that you will allow the Lord to teach you from the everyday things that surround you too!

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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