27 01 2009

            I found the most wonderful thing to spice up my quiet time. If you have heard of this, then bear with me because some readers may not have never heard of this before.


          I have been seeking the Lord for how in 2009 I should go deeper in Him to energize my quiet times. I have read through the Bible, but when I focus on the required chapters, I work so hard to be sure to read the text that I become frustrated beating myself up for spiraling down into legalism. When I do take the time to really go deep, stopping for several days, grazing on the same passage of scripture until I get all I can out of it, I feel guilty for reading the same thing over and over again and not getting through many chapters or books in the Bible.   On Sunday our speaker introduced this way to allow scripture to really go deep inside of you:  use SOAP!



After asking the Lord to speak to me through his Word, I began to put SOAP into practice.

First comes “S,” opening my Bible to a passage I wanted to read, James 3:1-12, which is about the tongue.

After reading the scripture comes “O” for observation. I asked myself what was important to me in this passage. What jumps out as I read? This observation was easy, for as I read verse 6 where James talks about how the tongue is like a fire corrupting the whole body, the words jumped off the page and into my heart. So I copied and pasted that specific scripture down from my Bible software. If I had been using a Bible, I would have highlighted verse 6.

Then comes the “A” for application. I thought back to when I was fired and how both my tongue and the tongue of my boss were like fires that corrupted the whole body, so I wrote about how applying this scripture could have affected the interaction with my boss.  I would have realized weeks before what was going on and stayed quiet, understanding the both the weight and the consequences of the words I spoken, not allow corrupting words to be spoken.

Last is “P” for prayer. Having remembered how my own tongue was corruptive, I was ready to pray, so I wrote and spoke a simple prayer, first of confession for how my tongue has brought corruption in my life in my marriage and my work, and then I asked the Lord to guide me in the future so that I will be able to hold my tongue.


            I didn’t notice how long the whole process took, but I am sure it was no more than about 10 minutes. However, even an hour later, the Scripture and what I learned was with me. I am still seeking after the Lord for wisdom to use God honoring and life giving words in my speech!

            I guess the jury is in and I will be using SOAP in my quiet time in 2009! I hope you will take 10 minutes daily and join me in using this SOAP liberally in your life!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



Please check out our monthly memory verse on the Equip page as well as a copy of SOAP you can copy and print out for yourself. 
Oregonians check out my Release page to see how Christians across the state can celebrate our 150th anniversary of statehood in prayer.


This blog is part of the ministry of Complete Joy and is published each Tuesday and Saturday, usually by noon Pacific Time.



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