Sabbatical Lessons

3 02 2009


Lesson 1 – Finding Mildred


My new series of blogs “Called Sabbatical Lessons” come from my time on sabbatical in January. When God calls you to take a restorative sabbatical, don’t be alarmed because you have to pull away and stop ministry; rather, embrace the journey and know God has everything under control. Meetings can go on even if you are their leader, and those you have been mentoring and training will be just fine without you for a season. God has a plan to change your life during your time away, and that is okay.


As I faced my sabbatical, I found myself facing a huge transition. As you go through transition, never be afraid to allow the Lord to help you find the truth of who you really are. Like the little fish Nemo, you might be surprised and find that you aren’t such a bad little fish after all!

I am shedding the name Mikki, a name I took 15 years ago while working with clients. I was plan to keep Mikki as a pen name, but now I have no peace in doing that either, simply because some people know me as Mikki and some know me as Mildred and I can’t keep it all straight, so it is time to let go of Mikki all together.

There are times in our lives where we have different names, like daughter, son, mom and dad. It has been many years since my parents died, and so daughter has become lost in the dust of time. There was a season of time where daughter was accurate and had so much meaning and brought me so much joy. I have taken other names, such as mentor, counselor and finally Mikki. All these names have brought me much joy, but when a name becomes a hindrance, it is time to put it away, like a shoe that doesn’t fit anymore.

            Mikki is like that. It was a name I used to help my clients transition from the old to the new. Some of the clients remembered me from their childhood as a person who was abusive, so the name Mildred would bring fear and terror within them. They could look into my eyes and know the change, but they couldn’t get beyond my name.

            Inside, I have seen the change in me, and as the changes happened, I also came face to face with the way my past affected my life. I have come to love the name Mildred, which means gentle, or gentle counselor. I love how old fashion my name is. I love vintage things and am a fan of everything Victorian, from architecture to fashion, so Mildred fits me to a tee! I can appear very prim and proper, but just as with the Victorian whim, I love to have fun! I love romance and find I am so in love with life, and my Father in Heaven and His son, Jesus has become my greatest passion.  Joy overflows from this passion, and I in turn have found me!

            Mildred today in 2009 is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, knowing that all I want to do is fulfill the plan the Lord has for my life. I have chosen to partner with Him to accomplish his will, putting aside my own selfish and self-centered desires, and through this process, I have found great joy. As I walk daily, I am finding that my joy is complete!

            If you are facing or walking though transition, know the journey is full of choices, with both gains and losses. This is all part of life, but I know that you will see that the process, though sometimes difficult, is worth all the time and effort.

Blessings and Complete Joy,


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