Changing my picture

17 02 2009

God has some strange things He has us do while we are alone with him. For Moses, it was to climb a mountain; for me, it is to discover the truths of my life while arranging the shelves of my office.


            I have this old gallery frame which holds the pictures of my three children while they were in grade school. Granted, my children are grown with children of their own, but I just hadn’t taken let go of my Egypt, a place where I believed my life was full of joy, not seeing the bondage I was in at that time.


            I don’t want to destroy the golden calf that stands in the way of my moving forward in life. So one of the things I need to do is update this picture frame with pictures of my children as they are today. I need to be in the here and now, not caught up in my yesterdays.


            The whole first week of sabbatical was about making peace with the past. I made peace with my professional life. To remind myself of the work I did professionally, I took the many individually framed pictures of former staff and other ministry related pictures and grouped them into two collage frames   I bought at Walmart. As I did this, a great amount of peace came upon me. Now I am making peace with how I view my family, so am looking for the same type of results as I take this step with my family.


            In my office it is important to always keep my family in view, for as I do ministry, it is easy to remember God and those you minister to and forget your family. I keep these pictures of my children and a picture of my husband always close to my desk to remind me of this truth, that my family is as important to God as any of my clients. Yet the days of keeping my children front and center have passed. They are not my everyday responsibility anymore. Changing these pictures will remind me to always keep my children and their families in my prayer and visit when God opens up the opportunity! The picture of my husband is still as it has been for many years, for it is the one relationship which, though we have aged, has always been the same. They say the greatest of these is love and I believe for me, having the love of my husband brings this home just a little closer for me.


            A couple of hours later, I was so happy. I printed out updated pictures of each of the kids I was overjoyed. As I changed these pictures, I let go of my children’s past. I placed this frame with my children’s pictures in a special place where I can see it near where Lenna, my granddaughter takes a nap. It is so wonderful to have another of those golden calves destroyed and be opting for the reality and freedom of today!

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Blessings and Complete Joy,



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