Going back into the world

28 02 2009

world_map2After two weeks of no TV, phone, movies, malls, and for the most part, no people or Internet I finished my sabbatical.


     I had gone two weeks, only going out of the house four times with my husband to eat. The peace I had was amazing, and even now, days later, people are noticing how relaxed and at peace I am.


            I am easily overwhelmed by too much information, so God had me go out to the mall with my husband the last day of my sabbatical to be around people, so that when I went to church on the next day, I was not overwhelmed. I walked the mall with my husband and watched as people hurried and serried around the mall, grabbing this and dragging that from one end of the mall to the other. Where was their peace? Could it be that it was lost in all the things they had to do?


            As I drove to church the next day, I was amazed at all the billboards screaming about this and that food, enticing us to stop at McDonald’s and grab the newest thing – their Chocolate Mocha Latte. As I drove, I thought it is no wonder that the average American is overweight. With billboards advertising our favorite temptations as big as long haul trucks, we have to really use the will power God gives us to keep from buying.


            Yet I never saw these things as I did that day. As I walked into church, all I wanted to do was to worship, to praise God. Everyone was walking around doing their normal things, and then there was me. My good friend Pam met me at the door, and we talked about my sabbatical, then I saw my pastor, and we exchanged greetings. It was so strange to be talking to people after spending two weeks with God being the only one who wanted to talk to me. He knew what I was thinking, and so the conversations were fluid and effortless. Conversing with people was in the beginning like pulling teeth. Would I ever get back in the swing of things?


            Later Pam and I sat at lunch, and I found myself off in my own world remembering what a sweet time it was sitting in my office alone with. I pray this will be a more common occurrence in the future.       


Blessings and Complete Joy,




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1 03 2009

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