Shedding the Labels of the Past

7 04 2009

shame            Recently I spent some time listening to a CD by one of my favorite speakers, Arthur Burk, from Plumbline Ministries. He is a very gifted teacher and I respect and appreciate many of his teaching for they are sound and biblically based and yet he is not afraid to step out when God is teaching him something new.


            In his Spiritual Warfare tapes he has a small but very impactful teaching about removing generational labels. He tells the story of a woman he worked with who was always finding that people didn’t trust her, they began trusting her but as time went on they began to miss trust her for no reason.


            As I listened in my car, I thought of some of my former clients and how this information made a lot of sense. Then I thought about myself and wondered who is a better test subject then me. If removing any labels didn’t affect my life, there was no harm done, so I stopped the CD and prayed right there in my car, breaking off the spiritual label of Satanist that came to mind. My family had long followed satan, one time when I asked the Lord how far back satanism went in my family I heard the Lord say, since your family’s inception. Yet I never thought about the label of satanist applying to my life, for I have long since chosen Jesus and have shed the fruit and the effects of that relationship,  Was it possible I was carrying this label around and could it be affecting my life, I was willing to find out.


            Still in my car on the freeway, after removing the label of satanist, I didn’t feel any different, yet I made a mental note to myself to watch how others interacted with me. When I got home I had dinner with my husband I saw no change, but what a surprise I had in the morning as my husband came into my office to find out what I wanted for breakfast, he came in and laid down on the futon. In all the time we have had this futon in my office, he had never walked in and reclined on it. There was a joy in him as he interacted with me that I thought was long past lost. All that day I noticed the difference in our relationship.


           For years my marriage has been affected by my past, which at times created such a barrier that neither of us was able to get around it. And now it was suddenly gone! It was the most refreshing thing I had experienced in a long time. I sat in my room and rejoiced and praised the Lord for the change in my life.


            But this was only the beginning, as the next day when my husband and I had a disagreement, we were able to work through the issue and go on to have a wonderful day. Normally, a disagreement would lead to hurt feelings and a relationship that would take days to heal. I was now beginning to think there was something to this concept of carrying generational labels.   


            On Sunday morning before church, I was still thanking the Lord for the gift of a restored relationship with my husband, and didn’t think about the effect the generational label might have on other relationships. I arrived at church in the normal way, forgetting about having removed the label, so I was quite surprised when a woman who usually sits in front of me at church came up and enthusiastically put her arms around me and said hi. This was really different. Later, just before church began, a group of my friends came around to visit with me. This was quite unusual, for no one ever came over to greet me, let alone speak to me and include me in their conversations. I was always the one going over to greet my friends. This was so special and I rejoiced in the Lord for it.


            Since then my friends have commented on how much happier I am; I guess it comes with taking off this generational label! God, oh how I praise you for this gift of freedom!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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2 responses

7 04 2009
Joy Thompson

So does this mean you will now write your autobiography?

8 04 2009

I know this is something I need to do…. sooner then later.

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