Same vision, different expression

25 04 2009

vision-and-perspective            Have you ever wondered what splits the Kingdom on God? Recently I began praying for a ministry here in Oregon, and as I have prayed, the leadership has changed. One of the key people has chosen to move on and launch a new work in the same area. It got me thinking about Paul and Barnabas and how they parted ways because Barnabas wanted to take Mark who Paul did not think was wise to take with them on their journey.


            The amazing thing that happened was the message of the Kingdom of God went farther than it would have gone otherwise, because both men were more interested in seeing the Kingdom of God grow than anything else. Over the years I have watched ministries and churches split because leadership had the same vision, but with a different expression. Is that bad? I don’t think so. The separation leaves wounds, which at some point must be worked through, as Paul and Barnabas did.


           When leadership receives a vision, we need to allow God to bring that vision to be a reality within us as well. If the expression is different, we shouldn’t fight with leadership; rather, we need to seek the Lord and his direction. We must be willing to understand that these differences can simply be God’s way of revealing a hidden problem that must be dealt with before moving forward with the vision.


          Other times, the differences bring about in a new ministry branch while still other times, the differences bring about new birth of a ministry, and with it, a separation of some within the ministry or church.


           In the case of separation, I believe it is the responsibility of everyone involved, especially the parent church or ministry, to bless and send out the new work, just as churches have done for centuries when planting new churches.  If we keep  our eyes on God and the goal of furthering the Kingdom of God, we can see new life and rejoice in it.


            When the new ministry/church is birthed, there is joy in the new life, and the pain experienced is like that of childbirth, which is soon forgotten. If there is a tearing of the ministry rather then a birthing, the break leaves a long-lasting injury, which scars both the old work and the new work for years. When one or both parties feel betrayed or treated unjustly, the leaders may be tempted to speak badly of the others, and without realizing it, they speak curses over other persons and their ministries.  Reconciliation is the answer to this problem, but it is often elusive. Often a loving third party can help them reconcile their differences, and allow God to bring the healing.


            In the case of the ministry I am praying for here in Oregon, I recently heard from both parties, and they are still close, supportive friends and realize they have different expressions of a similar vision. Praise the Lord for increasing the Kingdom of God through these two groups of kingdom-building people!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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25 04 2009

good luck i like your blog very good

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