Baby Steps

7 06 2009

baby-up-stepsRecently I was given a device to record prayer to be aired on the radio. The first of the pre-recorded prayers was aired on K-Praise on May 31st at 6 a.m.

            On May 21st, Karen, my radio prayer partner, and I gathered in the prayer room in her church where there was a stand and a stereo microphone to attach into my IC recorder to capture 45 minutes of prayer in three 15 minute segments.

            As we prepared, the pastor placed the microphone in the center of the room. Karen and I sat on a bench together with the microphone between us. I put on the headphones so I could hear what was taped, and then we began.


            The first 15 minutes of prayer went quickly and flowed so smoothly, but I felt nervous. During the break, Karen got up to open the door slightly to let out some of the heat in the room. As I listened to the tape, I decided I needed to adjust the microphone because Karen’s voice was softer than mine. Then we began to record the second segment of prayer. I began to relax. The flow of the second segment was smooth, and the prayer ever so sweet as we focused on Pentecost. Then we took our second break.


            During that break, we adjusted the door still wider and agreed that the pre-recording was going well. We sat down again to record the third segment. I made a final adjustment to the microphone to reach it more comfortably, and we began. This time our voices were both strong in my earphone, and the prayer went well. Unfortunately, about halfway through the segment, I could hear music begin to rise, which caused me to worry that the pounding beat of the water aerobic exercise music coming through the common wall would be picked up by the microphone and that we would have to re-record the segment. Nothing could be done about the music, and we were almost halfway through the segment when it began, so I could only hope that the microphone didn’t pick it up. I didn’t hear anything in my earphone, but I couldn’t be sure until I listened to the replay. I rejoiced as I replayed the segment and there was no music in the background.


            As we finished the segment, I was filled with so much joy that I didn’t want to stop recording. I wanted to do another segment and continue praying, so Karen and the pastor teased me that I could keep praying but they were calling it a day. It was only then that I realized we had completed the third segment and we were really done. As we got things cleaned up, Karen and I talked about future tapings. She told me about a prayer meeting held by four churches that she would get information about. I smiled, as she was confirming the vision I had as we were taping the final segment of me going around Portland taping the prayers of the body of Christ.


            As I drove home, I wondered how the transfer of data would go. Would I have trouble? Would the recording be good enough? But I didn’t allow myself to walk into fear, choosing instead to walk in faith, knowing God has called me to this mission and the learning curve is upward bound!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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