Baby Steps continued

9 06 2009

baby-up-stepsFor those who are just joining us, my previous blog was all about my first baby steps into recording prayer at a remote site to be aired by K-Praise a local radio station here in Portland, Oregon, we join the story as I drove home after the recording was successfully completed, (to read more about that experience please visit my previous blog).


As I got home, I began thinking more and more about the next step in this process – preparing the recording to deliver to K-Praise. I gathered the music which Karen selected and the segments we recorded for K-Praise and put them on my desk so I would be ready to send the material off to K-Praise then next day, because the office was already closed for the day and should I have problems James wouldn’t be there to walk me through the process.


            The next day I got on-line and tried the to send the files to K-Praise, but I couldn’t find the information on how to send the files for free. Next I tried e-mailing one of the segments as an attachment, but it never loaded, so I cancelled it. I was really frustrated, so took a break and I decided to see if I could download and burn the files onto a CD.


            I did figure out how to burn the segments onto a CD I drove down to K-Praise and delivered it personally to them, with joy, thinking I was done. I picked up my grand-daughter, who was going to spend the day with us. After returning home, I got a call from the station manager telling me that they couldn’t load the CD on to their system.


            As we talked, he told me not to worry about these glitches because I was their, guinea pig since this was the first time they had done pre-recording this way.  He ended the conversation by telling me he had sent me a link so that I could use to send him the files and assured me not to be concerned because if all else failed, I could bring the recorder back to K-Praise and they would download it that way.


I clicked on the link, and there was the complete price list with a fourth free column that I had not seen the previous time I tried Not giving it a second thought, I went to the K-Praise account and was able to download the files before my grand-daughter went down for her nap. Soon after, I got a confirming e-mail telling me the files had been successfully downloaded by James at K-Praise!


These baby steps have sometimes been exciting, and at other times I have been filled with worry, but I took all the steps in faith, knowing I was stepping out right. I rejoice, knowing that with each step I am one step closer to doing all God intends me to do since He created me. So I am filled with complete joy!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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