The Vantage Impact: Obedience to follow

20 06 2009

Vantage WashingtonFor those who are just joining me, I spent four days in Vantage, Wash., going to an exhorters gathering through Plumbline Ministries. An exhorter is a classification of spiritual gifting. Someone with the gift of exhorting has an ability to encourage, build up and help to release the people of God to become all God created them to be. This blog is about learning to obey God’s voice, one of the lessons I learned while at that gathering.


My first lesson of obedience to follow where the Lord was directing came as I traveled to Vantage. Traveling down the freeway just outside of Seattle, I took a wrong turn and went west instead of east on I-90 for almost 30 minutes before I finally stopped and asked for directions. I felt a lot of condemnation, both internally from my own soul and spiritually, as the enemy takes every opportunity to break our spirits, but I kept on going and God blessed me for it, as I rolled into Vantage at 5 p.m. an hour late and found Rita, the woman I planned to stay with, and her friend sitting in lawn chairs waiting for me in the front yard!


The second test of my obedience to follow came on the final day of the gathering as I woke up. I sensed God giving me marching orders to be prepared to travel home if the gathering broke up before 3 p.m. I was a bit bummed by this, for I really wanted to stay another night, but I also knew that if the gathering broke up after 3 p.m.,   would have the blessing of God to stay and enjoy Vantage for one more night.


As I got up, I began a flurry of activity because I needed to get the car packed before breakfast. I hurried and scurried around, even with several missteps as I got ready to go. All the time Rita just smiled. As I sat down and talked, I told her that if the gathering today broke up before 3 p.m., I sensed that the Lord wanted me to drive home, but if the gathering went beyond, I could stay one more night. I think we both wanted me to stay one more night.


The day went quickly, and little by little people left.  Was I supposed to leave? I kept asking myself, but I knew I couldn’t leave until after we had accomplished a prophetic act I was a part of. Several times we almost got to that point, but something always sidetracked the gathering, and it didn’t happen. There was an amazing time of ministry where most everyone was ministered to which ended up taking us about four hours.


As we took a break, Rita walked up to me, pointed to her watch and smiled, saying, “It is ten to four, so I guess you are staying the night.”


We finally ended about 8 p.m. and said our final goodbyes to those who were traveling back home rather than staying an extra night. As I got ready for dinner, I began asking the Lord why I had to get ready to go that morning when He already knew I was staying. Then I realized to a deeper level what I had been working on all weekend – obedience. This was another step in the process.


I was amazed to also realize I was feeling what the Israelites must have felt as they traveled the desert for forty years following the direction of God. I have to say this day and this lesson will influence who I am for the rest of my life because I have learned another key piece of faith and the meaning of truly obeying God’s direction.


Blessings and Complete Joy,


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3 responses

20 06 2009
IJ Styles

Very interesting post. I know God is always there for us, HE is always guiding us and keeping us safe from any danger and what we must have to do is to keep in touch with HIM through prayers and communication.

22 06 2009
Jim Wilson

It is always a joy to log on and catch up with what is going on with the site. Blessings to you ~ Rev. J

22 06 2009

Thanks for your comments which encourage and give me direction to keep on writing!

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