Yielding verses Running

30 06 2009

This information comes from a CD by Cathy Walters, speaker at the Celtic Flames conference March 27 – 28, 2009.


            Cathy challenged her listeners “To do as Christ did! Christ yielded to the anointing of God, rather than running to the meet the needs of the world.” At first this seems very simple, something we all should be able to do, but as I thought about it, I found it changing my life.


            I grew up with the mentality that to stay alive I needed to be of value. Which lead me to do what I believed was valueable making people happy, so I worked hard to do what those around me wanted.  These beliefs are need-based and caused me to grow up very co-dependent. I rejoice that I have walked out of the depth of co-dependence, but as I listened to the CD, I found God convicting me of my co-dependant nature once again because I still selectively run to meet the perceived needs of another when it is within in my gifting.


          For example, I am good at creating and managing large databases. Because I can do this I would run and help people and organizations with this task. Often I would feel led to become involved with a particular ministry, and so I looked for the place to get involved. When I did that, was I yielding to the anointing or running to meet the need? This is a hard question to answer. Helping with some databases was the most effective avenue to encourage the work of the ministry and have contact with the leaders. . At those times, doing the databases was yielding to the anointing of God, as I saw fruit in every conversation. But other times, I was simply running to meet a need in a ministry I loved. There was no anointing and no fruit in my life or anyone else’s.


Jesus only did what the Father told him to do, went only where the Father told him to go and said only what the Father told him to say. Cathy Walters, challenged us to do as Christ did: Do only what the Lord directs you to do, go only where the Lord directs you to go and say only what the Lord directs you to say. 


I took that challenge as I listened to the CD, and in the two weeks since making that commitment, I have found my life changing in small but profound ways. I walk knowing that God is in control of my life and that he asks only that I yield to His anointing, going as He leads, doing only as he directs and speaking only as He gives utterance.

The pressure to meet the need is gone. I am happier, for I am no longer running to meet the needs I see around me. I have found my gentle, but confident “No” voice which allows me to yield even more to the anointing of the Lord. I am not sidetracked and can stay focused on the anointed tasks the Lord provides while praying that those anointed to meet the needs that arise around me will come forth and serve.


I have changed how I look for direction and guidance, for I am yielding to the Lord rather than looking for the opportunity to serve. This change in my mindset has brought much freedom to my schedule, and my days are becoming freed up for the Lord to occupy to the fullest extent!


So if you find yourself wanting to yield to anointing instead of funning to meet the needs, take this simple step and pray:


Lord, I choose to yield to your anointing, and I confess, renounce and break the preconceived notion that I have to run to meet every need. Father, I release and commit myself to do only what you direct me to do, to go only where you direct me to go and to say only what you direct me to say. I make this decision through the power of my risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in whose name I pray, Amen.


If you have said this prayer with all your heart, walk in the assurance that He who has begun a good work in you will bring it to completion.  


I close with this final statement from Cathy Walters:
Don’t take yourself so seriously,
Rather, take the anointing of the Lord seriously!


Blessings and Complete Joy,



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30 06 2009
Yielding verses Running « Journey to Complete Joy

[…] to encourage the work of the ministry and have contact with the leaders. . See original here: Yielding verses Running « Journey to Complete Joy Posted in Jesus Will Answer | Tags: anointing, assurance, databases, decision, hard-question, […]

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